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Free word processing software

Pages is a free word processor developed by Apple. The application automatically comes with most Apple products. The word processing app is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac devices. You can use Pages on Microsoft Windows PC devices with documents that are stored on the iCloud website.

Pages is an underrated service. The Microsoft Office 356 is the most used suite of productivity tools on the market. Microsoft Word is the most popular program to write documents. Word will automatically save your documents as the accessible .doc file format. While the native file type for Pages is .pages, you can easily export your files to Word on your Mac.

Can you open .pages in Word?

Apple has figured out how to open a .pages file on a Windows 10 OS or later. You can save your documents to your iCloud account to open the docs on in your web browser. While Word does not open .pages files, you can convert .pages to docx in the Pages user interface.

PDF is another popular file type that Pages lets you export your native .pages files to. The conversion process is simple. ‘Export to’ is a command inside of the ‘File’ tab on your screen. File types are available in the ‘Export to’ menu. You can choose to save your .pages doc as a PDF, Word, EPUB, plain text, rich text, or pages ’09 format.

A tabbed window will dropdown in the user interface to let you export your document. You can easily switch the format to another file type. PDF is the best choice to use when you do not want the archive to get edited again. You can choose the image quality you want from the dropdown menu in the PDF tab.

You can decide whether your document requires a password to open or not. Word files are ideal to convert to when another person needs to edit the script. Since Pages has fonts that Word does not have, you can make sure the font that you use is available in the Microsoft platform before you send the doc.

Your Mac directory appears to let you choose a destination to save your file after you click ‘Next’. You can tap on the ‘Share’ tab to send a copy of your work. A menu will appear when you hover above ‘Send a copy’. You can send your file with the Mail, Messages, AirDrop, or Notes mediums.

How do I install Apple Pages?

Apple products will often come with Pages preinstalled. Pages is part of the iWork suite. Keynote and Numbers are additional apps created by Apple. Keynote is a presentation application, while Numbers is a spreadsheet platform. You can download Pages in the App store for free.

Pages has a convenient feature called ‘Collaborate’. The collaboration feature in Pages is like Google Docs. You can share your document with another Pages user. Either party can revise the doc. The new edits are saved in real time for each person to see. You can tap on ‘Collaborate with others’ in the ‘Share’ tab or press the ‘Collaborate’ button in the user interface.

The Pages application can be used on iPadOS, iOS, and macOS devices. lets PC users create or collaborate with Pages. The freeware is easy to use. The user-friendly design is another benefit to having the Pages vs Word program.

How do you use Pages?

Pages has two main styles. You can either have or remove the document body. The body includes text and inline areas that you use to write. Since Pages is a program that is used for graphic design, you can remove the text boxes to work with image and video content. The ‘Document’ tab on the right lets you enable or disable the ‘Document Body’ option.

Pages is the ideal platform to create books, brochures, posters, resumes, etc. You can choose from lists of templates. While templates serve as a foundation, Pages makes recreating the designs easy. Word often makes interacting with photos difficult. Pages adapts to your edits quickly. The pictures can be moved anywhere in the doc. You can drag and drop corners to resize the images.

‘Table’, ‘Chart’, ‘Text’, ‘Shape’, ‘Media’, and ‘Comment’ buttons line the top of the UI. You can tap on ‘Media’ to expand a menu with a list of mediums to choose from. ‘Photos’, ‘Image Gallery’, ‘Movies’, ‘Web Videos’, ‘Music’, and ‘Record Audio’ are available add-ons. ‘Image Gallery’ lets you put multiple images on a carousel. You can select ‘Movies’ to find videos for your document.

The ‘Web Videos’ option lets you paste web page URLs from YouTube or Vimeo. You can press play on the preview that appears to instantly begin the web video. ‘Music’ lets you drag and drop songs or podcast episodes onto the doc. The audio will appear as a button that you can press to play or pause the content.

An overview of the pages that you are currently working on will appear on left. You can choose the ‘Format’ button to customize your creations. Pages interacts with your movements in real time. The ‘Format’ area will adapt to the objects that you click. You can modify text font, styles, sizes, spacing, and colors when you highlight text.

The ultimate word processor

Pages is the optimal word processing program for creatives. You can develop advertisements for business and personal purposes. While Word can be awkward to use, Pages is precise. You can edit imported Word docs directly in Pages. You can use Pages with Apple products like the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad.

What’s new?

Apple is consistently updating the Pages platform. While new templates are added in updated versions, Pages could still benefit from a larger catalog to choose from. Pages added a new feature that lets you turn your handwriting into text.


  • Intuitive design
  • Overview of pages
  • Collaboration mode
  • Easily converts .pages files
  • Easy to edit multimedia content


  • Small selection of templates

Also available in other platforms

Pages for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 11.1
  • 2.9
  • (309)
  • Security Status

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